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Cloud1iT provides help with setting up Home Automation devices. Automating your house may make your life easier and more enjoyable. Create a Smart Home, where every switch, appliance, lights, thermostat and music or video in your house communicates with each other. You may control them with an app on your phone or just by speaking to them! It can be used with both Alexa and Google Assistant Devices, making it compatible.

Cloud1it provides complete home automation services to its clients. You can rely on us for the best home automation services.

We can install the newest in home automation technology for you, taking your smart home to the next level.

In the field of smart home integration, homeowners have come to rely on our experience and commitment to deliver high-quality distributed entertainment, lighting controls, and security devices.

Make your life easier and more enjoyable at home with home automation services that allow you complete control over the electronics in your Seattle-area home.

As the sun rises, your motorized blinds rise, allowing the space to be bathed in natural light. Switching on the TV and surround sound speakers, dimming the room's lights, and lowering the window curtains while also turning up the air conditioning may transform your living room into a true home theater experience.

You can create the perfect ambiance in your home while also saving money on your utility bills with a smart lighting system. Set individual lighting schemes for each area and monitor how much energy is being used at any one time to create a unique mood in each space.

With the help of climate control systems, your smart lighting and window coverings can work together to adjust the temperature.

If you want to experience the ultimate convenience and control with home automation, we can help you. Contact Us Now!.

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